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An Easier Approach to Multi-temp Refrigerated Delivery.


Occasionally, a cargo must be transported according to a specific temperature, not to mention being delivered on time. This is a common requirement for pharmaceutical and food companies who need their goods be kept warm or cool. At GUS-TRANS, we’ve made these shipping conditions much easier and far more cost-effective for our customers with «multi-temperature refrigerators».

When the freight is large and uniform, it is normally placed into a refrigerated truck that is set as the required temperature, before being shipped to its destination point. This gets more complicated if the shipment consists of several batches, each requiring its own specific temperature. For instance, say a pharmaceutical company needs to ship a consignment of vaccines kept at +4°С together with a cargo of medicine that must be stabilised at +15°С. Additionally, the journey will take place in freezing winter conditions. In such a case, both batches will be placed in separate refrigerators, and in order to expedite the delivery, the forwarder may choose to book the whole truck to ship their cargo. Obviously, this turns out to be far more expensive, and far less efficient, as the truck travels half-empty.

Customers of GUS-TRANS can now save time and money by making use of multi-temperature refrigerators. This technology makes it possible to simultaneously ship several batches of temperature-sensitive goods in a single truck. The goods are stored in two insulated compartments with pre-set temperatures, and each space can be shared between various consignors with matching temperature requirements. This way the cargo gets delivered in a rapid, cost-effective way.

Details of shipping with a multi-temperature trailer:

  • fast and flexible shipment owing to easy-to-use facilities;
  • a capacity of up to 66 EUR pallets Manually adjustable partitions from 3-10 m. distances;
  • the colder cargo is placed in the front compartment;
  • flexible restraint system;
  • protection against damages guaranteed.

For this type of transportation, a customer receives a printout temperature record for his goods in each compartment for the entire duration of the shipment. And, as usual with GUS-TRANS, every delivery is punctual and on time, with the local knowledge, reliable experience and optimal support of our native-speaking staff.

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